Bô Yin Râ

Bô Yin Râ on ‘seeking for God’.

Nothing is less necessary than ‘seeking for God’!
But seek within you the path on which God can come towards you!
Seek to prepare everything within you, so that your God can be at one with you!
Behold, the will of the eternal, all-encompassing spirit ‘wills’ you and ‘lives’ in you, so that one day it may ‘beget’ itself within you as your God! –
Let ‘Advent’, – the time of preparation, – henceforth be in your soul, for behold: you are ‘Bethlehem’, and in you shall appear your king to redeem you, – – he alone can redeem you! – – –
(From:Book 2- The Book On The Living God:chapter: On searching for God)


Bô Yin Râ on belief in God

I do not want to ask the question: whether it is ‘necessary’ for earthly man to believe in ‘God’…
I want to ask the question how it might be possible for earthly man to claim he believes in GOD!?!
(From:Book 6- The Path To God:chapter: Delusion and Belief)

Bô Yin Râ on the Pupil

He who would be a ‘pupil’ of mine in the spirit is far from being so because he thinks in the way he thinks I think, or believes I think, – but he only becomes my pupil when his active life is refashioned in the way the advice in my books urges him!
If one day he can then say that these books caused him to begin a new life, filled with inner assurance and previously unknown joy in activity, and that he could no longer live without the teachings and stimulation I wrote for him, then he has used my books ‘in the way they are to be used’!
(From:Book 14- The Path Of My Pupils:chapter: How my books are to be used)

Some autobiographic notes on Bô Yin Râ 's eternal life

You will surely never attain certain ‘knowledge’ if beforehand the power of belief has not illuminated your path! – – –
Behold, I too once walked upon false paths when I still did not know myself! –
I too was a slave to my delusion, before I was found by those to whom I belonged long before the time I first experienced myself as a son of this earth within a body of this earth! – – –
Truly I am permitted to bring tidings of those things which bring about certainty; for I had to experience beforehand in myself of what delusion is capable of! – –
Those who follow my words will find sure guidance!
Truly I came to know the way which leads to the goal; I became the ‘way’ myself before I was given the task of showing others the way! – – –
I became aware of myself in the eternal radiant light; only then did it become my duty to bring light to all those who sit in darkness! – – –
Only then was I commanded to awaken all those my words could reach from the dream of darkness!– – –
(From:Book 16- The Path To God: chapter: Certain Knowledge)

Bô Yin Râ on the simplicity of the divine.

Everything divine is childishly simple to comprehend,
Though it has within itself endless variety,
And to eyes grown unaccustomed to clear forms
Scarcely recognisable in its simplicity.
The further from the divine
Thinkers and poets take themselves,
So much more complex and distorted
Is their interpretation of life.
As long as we do not, like children,
Even see the most complicated of things
With simplicity again within ourselves
All thinking,
All interpreting,
Means walking upon false paths!
(From:Book 29- Eternal Reality: poem Renewal)

Bô Yin Râ on the Standard-translation©

The same things could, however, easily be presented in a completely different local diction without inhibiting the truth in any way.
Only translation by an incompetent translator presents a danger. –
(From:Book 2- The Book On The Living God:chapter: Supernatural experience)


To confess
Myself to myself: –
Say to those living with me here
That I am different from them: –
Say that I am
Just what I have been
For eternities
And bear witness from the Eternal
To man’s eternity, –
I was only able to do
When I under compulsion
Had overcome within myself
The opposition of the earthly.
After I had wrestled
Many hard years with myself,
I finally succeeded
In overcoming;
And I had to succeed,
If I were to complete my work,
Before time succeeded
In ending my earthly existence.
(From:Book 30- Life in the Light: poem Confession)

Bô Yin Râ on his books.

These books cannot be ‘finished’ because their contents present a picture of absolutely all the possible constellations of consciousness of the soul, and because every fresh reading finds the reader with a different receptivity in his soul.
(From:Book 31- Letters To One And Many:chapter: On unnecessary anxiety)

Bô Yin Râ on the seeker and his guide

Before the light emanating from the Word reaches the hearts of men, it must firstly bear the colour of the earth.
We are not the Light but the Luminaries of the Original Light!
Within us the Light of eternity assumes the colour of the earth!
Entrust yourself to the Luminary who becomes your spiritual guide within yourself; yet love in him only the Light that – flowing through him – would approach you.
Free your soul from every image of mortal forms if you would receive the Light through him!
(From:Book 1- The Book Of The Royal Art:chapter: The endlessly multiple one)

Bô Yin Râ on the seeker and the way

You have become tired from much seeking, and now you are tired of seeking itself! –
Since what you were seeking was nowhere to be found, you want to renounce all further searching! –
(From:Book 17- The Meaning Of Life: chapter: The appeal)

One had shown paths that one had never walked oneself!
One had promised things which one had never found oneself!
One had directed along paths which one had to abandon oneself long ago!
(From:Book 17- The Meaning Of Life: chapter: The appeal)

And yet the way to experience is far from cut off for him.
Another way has been prepared which leads across the rubble of temple ruins into the deepest interior of the soul’s holy land…
I have described this way in many of my teachings.
I have placed signposts for all who would find it.
Those who have started on this way find that they are getting nearer and nearer to the goal; many have already acquired the goal.
(From:Book 16- Cult-Magic and Myth: chapter: Magic and recognition)

You have called me without knowing me! – –
My word reaches you, without my knowing of you! – –
Still you cannot know who is addressing you through these words; truly, I do not hold it against you if, following all your disappointments and embittered by cruel experience, you still hold back anxiously from following my voice! –
(From:Book 17- The Meaning Of Life: chapter: The appeal)

You are like one who lost his way somewhere in the darkness of night who hears the call of one who knows the path. Horrified, you are initially mistrustful, full of fear and suspicion, since at that very place robbery and murder had been committed…
Yet, look! – I expect nothing other from you than that you, always with an eye to your path – follow the light I ignite before you!
I will carry that light ahead, so that you can easily see for yourself where I am leading you. –
After the very first steps you will discover that falsehood is something you can never meet on my path!
(From:Book 17- The Meaning Of Life: chapter: The appeal)

Whoever walks upon this way will walk from recognition to recognition within himself until, arriving at the goal, he becomes aware of the sanctuary within himself where the godhead effectively expresses itself as his living God. –
(From:Book 16- Cult-Magic and Myth: chapter: Magic and recognition)

The ‘walk upon’ the path which allows him to attain the spirit is a ‘walk’ in physical time but within his own inner spiritual space!
There is therefore no point in seeking externally; it is wrong to think that the goal can be reached more easily in one place rather than another.
Although the seeker will only find his goal in his own inner spiritual space, he can certainly still be endlessly removed from his goal in that same inner space. –
He must ‘wander through’ physical time bringing him every day nearer to the day of attainment.
There are stages which can be felt in the capacity for experience following one another.
Each following one is dependent on the preceding one attaining consciousness, and not one can, as it were, be ‘bypassed’ or dispensed with!
(From:Book 14- The Path of my Pupils: chapter: Unnecessary self-torment )

In this, your earthly life, you can already find your ‘eternal life’, as you have been promised by all true sages throughout time, as they have themselves found it in themselves, – and truly: – your joy in the temporal happiness found in life on this earth will only then be without remorse!– – –
(From:Book 17- The Meaning Of Life: chapter: The supreme good)

Bô Yin Râ on Christianity

The original and ancient teaching of wisdom, whose messenger I am obliged to be in our age, contradicts in no sense at all the eternal essential core of Christianity, however contradictory much that is found in this teaching I represent may seem to be on a first superficial observation.
To those who have understood the source of this teaching, the very thought that a contradiction could exist here must appear absurd.
(From:Book 18- More Light: The light of the spirit in Christianity)

Bô Yin Râ on the Name.

But this “name” is not a word from any language that only has to be uttered in an esoteric way, but rather that sublime power which the Master of the Gospels calls “faith”. The mysterious “pronunciation” of the “name” is the art of all arts: – the art of making this “name” live in oneself. –
All “practices” of this true magic have the sole aim of learning to make faith live in oneself and have no desire to teach “occult arts”. They do not wish to produce “clairvoyants” or fakirs.
The word “faith” is misunderstood if one supposes that the transformation called for here, which makes it possible for man to live in “faith”, is a “change of mind” and refers in the ordinary sense to “belief” or “disbelief” regarding certain accounts from “holy” books, – or that it is dependent on rejection or acceptance of assertions made by religious teachers! –
If he who “believes” is “blessed”, truly this is not because he holds some metaphysical teaching to be right, but because he has acquired the art to use the power of which we are speaking, because he lives from “faith”, from the power of the “name”, which is the word, which is “with God” and is “God”.
One “believes” in the right manner because one has “faith”; just as one lives because one has life.
(From:Book 15- The Mystery of Golgotha: chapter: Occult practices)

Bô Yin Râ on the book Worlds.

There is no power in the endless cosmic ‘spaces’ which could not reveal its nature to you simultaneously as sound and sign.
But here where all senses are merged into one sense, you will register sound and sign as one perception.
Recognise here form and colour, – and feeling, taste, smell and sound will be alive within you as well! – – –
Since also you are yourself formed by the same powers which you perceive here, so must an inner answer be found in you for everything that shows itself to you.
You must not want to ‘make out the meaning’ of anything you see here, but must tarry in complete calmness and composure until the answer comes from within yourself!
If an answer comes to you, do not hesitate to accept it, but know that here every one receives his own answer, and that it would cost you dearly, if you were to wait for others to compare your answer with their answers!
(From:Book 21- Worlds: The return)